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Thomas Sabo Pendant on chain pomegranate

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Thomas Sabo Pendant on chain pomegranate
Thomas Sabo Pendant on chain pomegranate
Thomas Sabo Pendant on chain pomegranate

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Product OverviewThomas Sabo Pendant on chain pomegranate
- Three-dimensional pomegranate pendant crafted in detail
- Brilliant red stones encased in a shell with 18k yellow gold plating
- Time consuming and detailed craftsmanship makes up every single piece of jewellery in this edition
- Limited edition serial number engraved on the back below the eyelet
- In a set with a 70cm long cord necklace made of blackened 925 Sterling silver

A very special piece of jewellery for anyone who believes in the power of love. This THOMAS SABO limited edition is reminiscent of an open pomegranate and surprises with the intense red shine of the seeds. For thousands of years, myths have grown around the inspiring fruit as a symbol of life, fertility and natural beauty.

Limited to 150 pieces, each is a testimony to master craftsmanship. The pomegranate pendant, with an impressive diameter of around 5 cm, is adorned with an effective pavé embellishment of various different sized and cut stones, created by hand with the highest precision. The gold-plated outer shell with its wave pattern and fine structure is artfully interpreted and transforms the unique piece of jewellery into a tangible and seductive overall experience.
18k yellow gold plating, 925 Sterling silver, blackened
synthetic corundum red, zirconia white, synthetic corundum dark red, glass-ceramic stone
violet,white,yellow gold-coloured,red,silver-coloured
lobster clasp
approx. 5.00 cm (1.97 Inch)
approx. 4.50 cm (1.77 Inch)
approx. 0.10 cm (0.04 Inch)
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